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At A Day of Dance, we pride ourselves on finding exceptional dance instructors to give your dancers the best master class experience possible.



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Welcome to our fifth season of A Day of Dance!
Last season, we added to our tour stops and partnered with The Movement Talent Agency for instructors and potential networking opportunities.  We teamed up with The Millennium Dance Complex in Pittsburgh to award scholarships to outstanding dancers in each city, and we offered full scholarships to compete with our own competition Protégé Dance Competition as well as to attend A Day of Dance on scholarship!  We are again proud to be working with MTA and Millennium and will be adding to our already exemplary faculty with even more Master Instructors and scholarships!  As always, we will continue to provide a quality learning experience and environment for your dancers and stand by our commitment to be involved in the studies and advancements for dancers in combination with performance and competition opportunities.  It is our sincere commitment to dancers everywhere that drives us and we are continually looking for ways to give these young dancers the wings they need to pursue their hopes and dreams.  Our logo has our name surrounded by many great genres of dance.  This matters greatly to those of us who dance because not a day goes by when we are not tapping our feet, humming a tune or working on a way to present new steps to eager dancers in almost every genre of dance.  As with each of our previous seasons, each time we host A Day of Dance, we pledge our utmost consideration in the staff that is selected, the dance space that is used, the music that is played and the value of your money spent.  Most importantly, we pledge that we will do all that we can to insure that the dancers of today are being well prepared for the opportunities that await them in dance for the future, and that in every area possible, we will help provide them with more and more opportunity.  We said it when we began and we still stand by it - as dance educators, our primary purpose is to pass along what was so graciously taught to us, to the future of this amazing art!  So, whether this is your first time with us, you are a repeat, satisfied dance educator, or an independent dancer attending for your own benefit, we hope that after you spend your day with us, you too will agree that A Day of Dance is indeed “one extraordinary day!”  Enjoy your time with us, and if at any time you have any questions or needs please know that we will be available to help you.  Once again, we proudly present A Day of Dance!
Chris and LeAnn Glass—Directors


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