A Day of Dance invites you to experience “One Extraordinary Day” with us during the fall of 2016!  Why one day? Because we want it to be a FULL day, a day with no competition distractions, an affordable day with some of the best instructors in the industry today!  A day at the beginning of your season that inspires your students and faculty to reach for their highest goals and that reminds them of all the joy that dance brings to their lives!  We know how busy our dance world is but know that training and improving happen when we are inspired and often when we least expect it.  Together, we can do this at A Day of Dance!

Offering a fabulous faculty, who instruct, inspire and engage each of our classes in an environment that is friendly and insightful is one of our proudest accomplishments.   They push each dancer through dialogue with them and positive correction to be their best self and to leave each time as a better version of who they were when they arrived that morning.  Throughout the years we have forged great friendships and working relationships with some of the best instructors out there.  Combine them with opportunities through The Movement Talent Agency and scholarships awarded through The Millennium Dance Complex and we get the privilege of bringing to you a first class event!  An event that can open doors for your students!  Add to this the opportunity to earn free registrations for your dancers in each city as well as entries to our sister competition event, Protégé Dance Competition and we believe that this is a day that you can’t afford NOT to participate in for 2016! As with each of our previous seasons,  we pledge that we will do all that we can to insure that the dancers of today are being well prepared for the opportunities that await them in dance for the future, and that in every area possible, we will help provide them with more and more opportunity.  We said it when we began and we still stand by it - as dance educators, our primary purpose is to pass along what was so graciously taught to us, to the future of this amazing art!

So, are you ready to try something different?  To be reignited and inspired for your 2016-17 season?  Then whether this is your first time with us, you are a repeat, satisfied dance educator, or an independent dancer attending for your own benefit we invite you to click on the REGISTER NOW button and get started with what we know will become a single, affordable dance day that you, your students and their families look forward to each season!  Come spend a day with us!

LeAnn & Chris Glass

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